Monday, July 24, 2006

Best French Toast Ever

A couple of years ago, during a stay at Disney World (Orlando), we attended a "Character Breakfast" at I forget which on-campus restaurant, but anyway, we had some French toast that was the yummiest I had ever had. I asked for and obtained the recipe (and no, this wasn't Nieman Marcus so I was not charged $500 or whatever the urban legend rate is), to wit:

- Mix up a thin pancake or doughnut batter (we used Bisquick),
- soak the bread (we used Texas Toast, by Wonder),
- deep fry (we used canola oil and a Walmart deep fryer) about two minutes per side,
- role the result in cinnamon sugar.

We didn't have a deep fryer until this weekend, so this morning was the first time I ever made it. It was a big hit with the whole family, plus one guest. However, it is probably fattening, so eat only occasionally.

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