Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center"

. . . in NYT, via Modern Tribalist. Quote of note:
But many Europeans — even those who generally support immigration — have begun talking more bluntly about cultural differences, specifically about Muslims’ deep religious beliefs and social values, which are far more conservative than those of most Europeans on issues like women’s rights and homosexuality.

So strong is the fear that Dutch values of tolerance are under siege that the government last winter introduced a primer on those values for prospective newcomers to Dutch life: a DVD briefly showing topless women and two men kissing. The film does not explicitly mention Muslims, but its target audience is as clear as its message: embrace our culture or leave.

I despair. I have no vested interest in European decadence. Nor do I think that Muslims pose much of a threat to it. Muslims have been buggering boys since at least the fall of Constantinople. As for women's rights, the veil and the violence against Muslim women in Europe has little to do with any serious reading of the Koran and everything to do with, in general, preserving group identity and preventing assimiliation to the host culture and, in particular, keeping Muslim women from being "stolen" by higher-status European men.

No, I suspect that, once the colonization of Europe achieves critical mass, the primary target for extirpation will be Christianity and the freedom to speak and write honestly about Islam. Since the European intelligencia largely shares Islam's hostility to Christianity, and is otherwise indifferent to freedom of speech in the abstract, they will make unreliable long-term allies in the resistance to Muslim aggression.

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