Friday, July 06, 2007

Outrage of the Week

Read the WaPo story on the Montgomery County Maryland public schools teaching that homosexuality is fine and dandy. The money quote:

And although a parent does have a right to control the upbringing of a child, "that right is not absolute. It must bend to the State's duty to educate its citizens," the state board wrote.

The American Family Association has a letter-writing campaign going that's worth supporting. However, the legal challenge sounds pretty lame to me, though I'm not a lawyer. Ultimately, this kind of issue will be won or lost in the political arena, as it should be.

As I've written elsewhere, the enthusiasm among the left for ass-buggers has almost nothing to do with health or civil-rights, and everything to do with sticking it to Christians. It's the political ethnic cleansing of conservatives from Montgomery County, or their children from the public schools. Brilliant in its way, when you consider that we can't fight back.


trumwill said...

As I've written elsewhere, the enthusiasm among the left for ass-buggers has almost nothing to do with health or civil-rights, and everything to do with sticking it to Christians.

If this is how conservative Christians look at it, it's certainly a self-centered view of the debate. They might take a bit of glee in poking the eyes of their opponents, but whether right or wrong those advocating the acceptance of homosexuality are quite sincere on this issue. I can see an argument to be made that it's an extension of the desire by "liberal elites" to remove morality from the public sphere and clear the way for hedonism, but if all of the most conservative pastors in the country said "We don't care anymore" liberals wouldn't neither change their position nor stop agitating for the rights of homosexuals to marry or not lose their job on the basis of their private behavior.

J Arizona said...

I went to school in Montgomery County, Maryland. The school board violated the rights or parents so flagrantly, some sort of riot should have started by now. I suppose conservative households have no time for all the nonsense. Most of the families I know in Maryland send their kids to private schools or special magnet schools. There are distinctly ominous tones to liberalism, and the school systems are cogs its gears. When parents all over the U.S. get tired of paying the government to jerk them around, perhaps we'll see some change. Frankly, centralized schools come with an inherent vulnerability, just like centralized health care. Maybe it's not a bad idea that conservatives abandon the public school model. Should conservatives actually take with them their share of appropriations to public schools, conservative arguments will have more teeth.

Trumwill, labeling a complaint about liberal politics as a poke in the eye for the opponent is misguided. Gays are not the opponent. The opponent is an idea. The idea is that historically family-oriented institutions and their traditions must be uprooted in order to fully vest gay rights, to install cultural tolerance, to compete in a global economy. But these causes are certainly benign. The root of liberal ideology is that social power should no longer be shared, not with church, not with family, not with the individual. What's ironic is that if liberalism comes to full maturity, gays will realize infringed rights unlike any other time in history. It is impossible that private behavior is the real issue in this matter. While gays were still in the closet, the nation had as little complaint about homosexuality as adultery or picking your nose in public. When homosexuals became the stalwarts for liberalism, their "personal behavior" became the politics du jour. The acceptance and tolerance mantra is a ruse, but somehow in the name of these, parents are called to abdicate truly inalienable rights. It's absurd, but the platform could have well been global warming or vegetarianism. The goal was to mitigate the authority of a parent and place it with the state. All it took in Montgomery County was a spurious gay rights campaign.