Monday, February 18, 2008

Φ's Non-endorsement

After 8 years of Bill Clinton, I still had my guns and my Bible.

After 8 years of George Bush, the Democrats will still have sodomy and abortion.

Nothing. Ever. Changes.


Dr.D said...

Oh yes it does. It gets worse. Haven't you learned anything in graduate school?

Where are you in graduate school? What are you studying? I ask out of curiosity as a former ME Professor, now retired.

Is there anyway to e-mail you?

That's a great picture of Perry Mason you have.

Φ said...

Thank you for posting. For the obvious reasons, I must conceal various personal details to protect my identity; however, I can confirm that I just began a PhD program in engineering at a school in the midwest.

icr said...

What changes? The essentials of the weltanschauung birthed by the Great Sixties Cultural Revolution become more elaborate and institutionally internalized over time.

Tanstaafl said...

Whites are being dispossessed of their homelands. I think that's a pretty big change.

Φ said...

I guess I would refine my observation about change thus: little of importance will be much altered in its course by the election of one of the likely major party nominees (McCain and Obama) over the other. But to say that wouldn't have been as punchy.

Tanstaafl said...

Fair enough.

Have you noticed that the two most extreme open borders candidates have come to the fore of their respective parties?

The implication is clear. We the People are not in charge. I wonder if We ever were. In retrospect, not in my lifetime.

I can no longer continue to pretend we actually live in a constitutional republic where the parties and elections matter.