Thursday, December 04, 2008

Style Tip o' the Day

Once my future wife decided she was sufficiently committed to me to invest her advice, she shared the following:

After a swim, when you lift your swimming goggles off your eyes without removing them, be sure to reposition them above the hairline. If you put them in the middle of your forehead, they will leave behind a red indentation that makes you look like a geek, defeating the purpose of putting in the laps in the first place.

NB: If you, um, don't have a hairline anymore, reposition them on your swim cap (if you wear one), or just take them all the way off.

Every little bit helps.


bobvis said...

Have you tried not being white? It works for me!

Φ said...

Is melanin content inversely related to viscoelasticity? And all this time I thought darker skinned people were way too cool to misposition their swimming goggles!

bobvis said...

Nah, I'm not too cool. You're thinking of black people.

Another nice benefit is that I'm un-blush-able. That has come in useful innumerable times. At least my embarrassment can stay private