Friday, March 20, 2009

Final Reflections on BSG

Okay, so Hera turns out to be the mitochondrial ancestor of the modern human race. Of course, that kind of means that, for the other 38,000-odd survivors of the Twelve Colonies, the whole let's-abandon-technology-and-become-hunter-gatherers thing . . . didn't work out so well.

I suppose that with all the talk among the various survivors about farming, somebody should have told the writers that agriculture wasn't invented until the upper neolithic, not circa 150,000 BC . . . but then, the whole episode was as shamelessly a patched-up effort to integrate BSG into our own history as it was to tie up its own loose ends. But why not have the Colonists arrive about the time of the actual homo-sapien diaspora (50,000 years ago)?

I could do this all night, but my bottom line is that the final two seasons haven't been worthy of the first two. I'm going to bed.

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