Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's a Stalker?

Φ: "Have you ever been 'stalked'?"

Mrs. Φ: "No, actually. But then, I was always careful about where I went at night."

Φ: "No no, I didn't mean stalked as by a stranger on a dark street. I mean stalked as by a spurned suitor who wouldn't leave you alone."

Mrs. Φ: "Oh, that kind of stalker. Yes! There was a boy in high school that I went out with a few times but I wasn't really interested romantically in him."

Φ: "He was a pity date?"

Mrs. Φ: "No. More like, here is someone to do stuff with over the summer.

Φ: "A placeholder then."

Mrs Φ: "Yeah, a placeholder. But he tried to play silly head games and I eventually decided it wasn't worth it." [NB: The only thing worse than no game is bad game.]

Φ: "Tell me about the stalking."

Mrs. Φ: "Well, one time when I was driving along [rural road near where she lived], I passed him driving the opposite direction. And he stopped his car in the middle of the road!"

Φ: "You mean, kind of like someone might do if he wanted you to slow down so he could speak to you through the driver's side windows?"

Mrs. Φ: "Um, yeah, like that. But I kept going."

Φ: "That was it? That was the whole stalker episode?"

Mrs. Φ: "Well, yeah. Plus, for a while afterward, he only dated girls named [Mrs. Φ's first name]. I mean, that was just weird."

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PeterW said...

Heh. It is a universal that people only care about the problems that affect them; introspection and objectivity are rare among both sexes. If "Nice Guys" feel entitled to dates simply for following the rules, so to do women feel entitled to be hit on only by those guys that they are attracted to.