Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Φ has a Tin Ear

Now that Mark Lloyd has joined Van Jones on the growing roster of Obamatrons who speak too candidly of the administration's intentions, I guess I should make a confession:

I don't get it.

It's not that I don't understand what's bad about an FCC honcho expressing admiration for the way Hugo Chavez dealt with its opposition press. It's that I don't understand why these statements fall into the category of things-people-resign-for. On the contrary, I expect Obama's minions to try to conduct government affairs in a manner that increases their power at the expense of conservatives. I expect that the people who would vote for Obama share his admiration for Hugo Chavez. Clearly, this expectation was incorrect, but I find myself completely unable to predict in advance what of the daily deluge of administration outrageousness will actually, you know, outrage somebody that matters.

Actually, Van Jones' shenanigans, over which he long-since resigned, seem to fall far lower on my scale of meaningful outrage than the man's job title:

Green Jobs Czar

I imagine that a lot of supporters of all things "Green" thought that "Green" policies were about doing something for the environment. How many really thought it was about "Jobs" that would be apportioned out by a government "Czar"?


newt0311 said...


Most people are not as well aware of the true nature of our government as you are. For the DNC, it is very important that this reality distortion field stay in place. That is why they prosecute candid speech.

Justin said...

I agree with you, Phi, it blows me away when establishment media breaks stories about shocking cases of racism in the Obama administration. I'm like, haven't you been paying any attention at all? The masses really are as ignorant as they are made out to be.

Brandon Berg said...

Does anyone else find it bizarre (and unsettling) that people use the term "czar" in a non-derogatory sense? It was quite some time before I realized that it was actually an official title and not a term of derision.

Brandon Berg said...

On that topic, maybe Obama can appoint a health care führer.