Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Something to Brighten Your Day

HT: Tanstaafl.


Hermes said...

Just as long as none of those babies are Jewish, right?

Burke said...

Oh, come-on, even Tanstaafl wouldn't look at that video and worry about whether the babies are Jewish.

Hermes said...

Even a guy whose every blog post is about the Jews--or, should I say, the "jews"--wouldn't worry about whether they're Jewish? As far as I can tell, ALL he does is look for a Jew under every rock.

I don't really know your background, but I'm surprised you have enough of a soft spot for antisemitism to link to him. Then again, maybe you're surprised that I don't.

BTW, I first saw this video about 2 years ago, so it's definitely not necessary to be pointed to it by a deranged lunatic in order to come across it.

Burke said...

My link to Age of Treason appears on the list of "Folks who Link to Delenda". There is no other criteria for membership on that blogroll.

I had not seen the laughing babies video until it appeared on Tanstaafl's site. The hat tip was the expected courtesy under those circumstances.