Friday, October 09, 2009

Not the Onion. Really.

I have no response to this story except paroxysms of laughter. I'd like to have a killer quote for you, but some things are beyond satire.

My guess is that the transparent absurdity hurts Obama politically in the short run. If he were actually to do something wildly unprecedented, like get the Arabs and Israelis to love each other, then this will either be forgotten or viewed as prescient. But since this won't happen, the Nobel will only solidify in the public mind his image as the affirmative action president.


Kirt33 said...

Oh, Phi... you know...

... I opened up my town's local paper this AM and I am serious - serious! - that my first thought was more or less, 'Um...? It's not... April Fool's Day... is it?' The Onion, indeed.

Justin said...

It is a mind-control attempt, to influence Obama to end the war, or at the least, not to expand it. THEY know he hasn't earned it, but they are playing the psychological game of high expectations with him: "Now prove you are worth, don't disappoint us..."

It is actually a really powerful play, given how much we know European elite opinion means to B.O.

newt0311 said...


Thanks for that. Even if you are not right in the specifics (though I see no reason why not), you are right in general. This is a power play, weak and comical as it may be.

What a teaching moment. This demonstrates just how nobody in Washington has any authority to speak of. The US government is an out-of-control headless shapeless blob.