Thursday, October 29, 2009

Richmond High School Demographics

Hard on the heals of my article criticising hip-hop culture, a fifteen year old girl in California was gang raped outside a high school dance while dozens of people stood around taking pictures with their cell phones.

Check out the demographics of Richmond High School, where the crime took place.

Watch Larry King and his posse dance around the salient feature.


Anonymous said...

And yet ... if you look at Richmond High's performance on statewide tests (CST/CAHSEE), as reported elsewhere on the Great Schools site, it's not good but not all that terrible. By way of comparison, look at Robeson High School in Chicago, the scene of that You Tube'd fatal gang fight. Robeson's performance is truly horrendous. Richmond is nowhere near as bad.


Justin said...

Thanks for looking that up, I almost Great Schooled it myself. After reading the article, it was obvious who all the pariticipants were, so I never got around to finding the exact details.

Ironrails, as bad as Hispanics are academically, Blacks are worse. Hispanics tend to split the difference between Whites and Blacks.