Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Fight Socialized Medicine (again)

Please visit the FreedomWorks website:

As a member of FreedomWorks, I oppose government-run health care and the trillions of dollars in new taxes that would have to be taken from the people to pay for the legislation. I also oppose employer and individual mandates, which force citizens and businesses into making decisions based on what the state wants, and not what makes the most sense for the individual or the small businessman.

Instead of crowding out the private insurers through a subsidized government option, Congress should vote for market-based reforms like allowing citizens of all states to purchase health insurance across state lines.

I hope that you will vote against any government-run health care legislation, and the trillions of dollars in taxes that go with it.

I am counting on you to represent me and my family.

The email should have said something about how Congress stripped out provisions that would have prevented using government funds to pay for abortion or to cover illegal aliens, but the user can edit the letter.

I'm also leery of the wording in the first paragraph: if you're going to have guaranteed issue, then you're pretty much obligated to have an individual mandate to keep the whole thing from becoming a massive moral hazard. If anything, the mandate as written isn't nearly onerous enough to pay for the program.

Still, though, it's time to petition Congress for a redress of grievences.


Justin said...

...that when any govt becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it....

Justin said...

If they are truly interested in healthcare for the uninsured, why not just establish clinics for the uninsured?

Or reimburse private clinics when they care for the uninsured?

Or pay the premiums for the unemployed?

It is especially odd, at this time, when you consider that our state and federal budgets are going over the cliff.

trumwill said...

The clinic nearby where I live sort of does what Justin is talking about. They have a "sliding fee scale" depending on income. My being unemployed whopped 2/3 off my bill. The federal government covers up the rest. But instead of a doctor in a white coat I got a Nurse Practitioner with a nose ring. I also got a really crummy prescription (1/2 the dose than my previous prescription and only a 3-month supply) and will have to go back in a month or so. My wife is unimpressed and wants me to go elsewhere.