Monday, February 08, 2010

Brief Thoughts on the Tim Tebow Ad

  • That was it!?! That was what the weeks of "controversy", threats and intimidation were all about!?! Honest to goodness, how was I supposed to even know this ad was about abortion? Absent the publicity, the only thing separating this from any number of feel-good expressions of sentimentality was the Focus sponsorship at the end, and even then the inferences to abortion would require quite a leap. At $3M/30s, I'm surprised Focus even bothered to run it.

  • I went to YouTube and typed "Tim Tebow Prolife Superbowl Ad", and guess what? Not one of the first page of results was the actual ad. Ditto at Google Video (but I repeat myself). Ditto at Bing. What I did find was lots and lots and lots of parodies, "responses", and negative commentary on the ad. In fact, it was only after 30 minutes of searching that Icerocket pointed me to a blog (H.T. American Resurgence) that linked the YouTube version.

    As tempting as it would be to blame YouTube (and Google and Bing) for the obfuscation, a more likely culprit is mass-mobilization by the pro-abortion cabal to bury the ad under a ton of false leads in the hope that most searchers would just give up. I don't know how they pulled it off so effectively, but we may have just witnessed the most successful chaff-and-flare campaign in history.

    Wow. I mean, sure, the Left is evil. But I respect the skillz.


Anonymous said...

Honest to goodness, how was I supposed to even know this ad was about abortion?

You wouldn't have... I wouldn't have... without the protests of the pro-abort crowd. As Motte Brown at Boundless said, God used NOW in a big way on this one.

Justin said...

Read an article off of google news today, said that while this ad did not get the most overall coverage of any Superbowl ad, it did get the most amount of NEGATIVE responses (on the internet). Looks like your general impression was spot on.

The idea that anyone would be AGAINST a life-affirming message, well, that is just perverse.

It really truly boggles my mind that large masses of women out there view it as their highest purpose in life to guarantee that they can snuff out their unborn babies without any consequence or impedance. Honestly, it is really just weird, if not downright evil.