Monday, March 08, 2010


I watched Tuesday's premier of NBC's new series Parenthood last night on DVR. It sports an impressive cast, bracing dialogue, and enough family dysfunction to fill several seasons. I hope the writers can keep up the pace they set in the first episode, but it's definitely one to keep an eye on.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Modern Family? If so, how do they compare?

Dr. Φ said...

I have not. Actually, a pro-family group has described the show as pro-homosexual agitprop, and on that basis I have signed petitions of protest to its advertisers.


Moonfairy said...

I watched Parenthood, I thought it was really interesting, looking forward to seeing how it develops! As far as Modern Family, I enjoy watching it, I don't think it's "pro-homosexual" at all. I think it's more about tolerance of different lifestyle choices within a family. (I am a married mother of three and my brother is gay living with his partner for almost two years now, so I find a lot of truth to the show and how it deals with the issues of mixed families).

As far as comparing the two, I think modern family is much more humorous and quirky and Parenthood looks like its going to be more serious and more dramatic.

Anonymous said...

It's not pro-homosexual agitprop (or at least is not from what I have seen of it), but it does fall under the category of shows that people uncomfortable or hostile to homosexuality wouldn't watch it for long. I was hoping you'd seen an episode before deciding it wasn't for you :).

Thanks for the rundown, Fairy. I will probably stick to the more comedic show. I don't have as much patience for drama these days.

Burke said...

I guess I like dramas that are also funny. I haven't been a fan of a non-animated sitcom in 20 years.

For instance, on Trumwill's recommendation I started tuning into "How I Met Your Mother". While I respect the creativity, the final product is so cringe-inducing as to be unwatchable.