Thursday, April 22, 2010

Megan McArdle on Lori Gottlieb

For those of you who missed it, Megan McArdle wrote a lengthy, double-edged review of Lori Gottlieb’s book Marry Him, based on her famous Atlantic article. A sample paragraph:

I too am annoyed by Gottlieb's tendency to make sweeping generalizations about women, and to hold up men as a better example, when really, men just have more time to fix their mistakes. But maybe because I've spent a bit of time thinking about these choices, I see Gottlieb trying to convey, somewhat hamfistedly, not that women are "too picky" in some metaphysical sense, but that for women in their early thirties the clock is ticking in a way that it isn't for men--which means that being picky is risky for them. So when women are tempted to hold out for something better, they should think hard about how likely that really is. [Emphasis added.]

As someone who has written often that women are indeed “too picky”, if not in a metaphysical sense, then in a relative SMV sense, I will have to mull over this proposition. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Be sure to watch Gottlieb's video interview on Megan's article. I think Gottlieb appears exceptionally attractive and personable for a woman her age; it seems that she shouldn't have any difficulty finding a middle-aged man to marry her if that was what she wanted. Is mine just a minority opinion?

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