Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guilt by Association

The Associated Builders & Contractors recently announced35 primary candidate endorsements across the country. Unfortunately, this list does not appear in any one place, so you'll have to check locally.

Here is a sample of how these endorsements can be spun:

"ABC stands for free enterprise, Merit Shop, and balanced, reasonable regulation," said Chapter Chairman Chuck Lester. "Steve Southerland shares our philosophy, and we look forward to doing all we can to elect him as the next Congressman from Florida's second congressional district."

"I thank the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida for their principled stand and for their long tradition of standing by candidates who support limited government and free market principles," said Republican Congressional District 2 Candidate Steve Southerland. "The timing of this endorsement humbles me and speaks volumes about the commitment of ABC and the working men and women in the construction industry."

Here is what ABC is actually up to:

  • Amnesty for illegal aliens
  • An expanded guest worker program, followed by citizenship.
  • No requirement to hire Americans if an illegal alien already has the job.
  • No penalties for firms that hire illegal aliens.
  • No e-verify or counterfeit-proof social security card.

Know your candidates by the company they keep.

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