Monday, May 24, 2010

High-tech Censorship

I clicked on Professor Hale's link to a story about how the police shot an old lady who didn't want to answer the census (and backed up her displeasure with a shotgun), when I was greeted by this:


Kewl.  Does anybody know how I, too, can flag news stories I don’t approve of to Microsoft as “unsafe”?


Anonymous said...

Strange that you would get that message. I am still getting the original story when I clicked on it this morning. If that is the case, then it seems your local ISP is the problem.

Φ said...

I'm not getting the message this morning, but I'm not sure why my ISP would contribute to a Microsoft message about the host.

Anonymous said...


I failed at reading comprehension this time.

I get similar messages at work all the time because of certificate errors. The settings on my obsolete browser (which I am not allowed to change) always stick on out of date certificates. This is funny because the official web wites that I have to use normally ignore certificate updating entirely.