Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How’s that “assimilation” working out for you?

From the May Day demonstrations:


So, does “shoot more police” count as one of those “jobs Americans won’t do?”


Elusive Wapiti said...

Well there are a few Americans who do that "job".

Perhaps this fellow is offering to do the "job that Americans won't do" for a lower price?

How/why wasn't this clown arrested for communicating a threat?


trumwill said...

We could avoid a lot of these problems if we had a Guest Worker program for shooting the police. Unfortunately, I think the Fraternal Brotherhood of Copkillers would put a kibosh on that.

Dexter said...

He's not saying anything our native-born negroes don't often say.

OTOH why do we want to import more of something we have too much of here already?

Sheila Tone said...

Isn't this setting off any of your BS detectors?!? Doesn't it seem too conveniently awful to be true?

In the comments, some people suspected it was a Photoshop job.

Or, just some wag pulling a stunt. Like if I started showing up at MRA blogs with arguments about how it should be legal to rape 12-year-old girls. Hey, maybe I'll do that. What should my straw-man name be? "Gannon" is taken ...

Φ said...

Sheila: yes, the thought crossed my mind, and I will take it down if it is confirmed as a hoax. In the mean time, though, it's no worse that better verified provocations.

This is, of course, the risk of political demonstrations. As Megan has often wrote, they can become a form of performance art.

Sheila Tone said...

"'s no worse that better verified provocations."

Phi, I forced myself to watch that whole boring video of some ponytailed public schoolteaching geeky wannabe-hipster rambling on about Che Guevara and imperialism. Did you truly find that threatening or provocative? Unless I missed something, he's not saying to go kill anyone. "Live your life as a revolutionary" is a pretty standard line.

Maybe I just knew too many dorks like that in college. They were always headed for public schoolteaching (the Cal States mass-produce them) or in their fantasy world, "community activism." They could be very obnoxious, but I did not consider them a threat.

Whereas the sign guy has some beliefs that are pretty scary, if you take it at face value.

Φ said...

I suppose the threat of cop-killing is more credible, if only for being more modest, than the treat of violent revolution. But my point wasn't whether one or the other met the legal standard of "clear and present danger." My point is that both reveal the immigrants' attitude toward their host nation, its people and culture.

Sheila Tone said...

No, Phi, you're missing the point. I think ponytailed schoolteacher guy *has* assimilated -- in the same way a Jewish communist has assimilated. Despite his firebrand rhetoric, he's basically a Latino SWPL.

Φ said...

I think ponytailed schoolteacher guy *has* assimilated -- in the same way a Jewish communist has assimilated.

Well said. Likewise, my cop-killer wannabe has assimilated in the manner of, say, Huey Newton. This is the point that Steve Sailer has made many times before: that most of the assimilation as we do observe among Hispanics is toward African-American norms.