Thursday, June 03, 2010

Religion of Peace? Or Mere Gangsterism?

Via AmericaBlog, a video example of Taliban justice in Pakistan.

The internet has its full quota of shock and horror at this video, so let me offer a different thought: by Taliban standards, this girl got off easy. My understanding is that Islamic law calls for death by stoning of alleged adulteresses, and those so accused are routinely murdered by their families even in Western countries. Yet this girl escaped with only a beating, and one she could walk away from.

It's an old story at this point, but somewhere I read an alternative narrative: the girl had rejected the advances of a Taliban warlord. So the accusation of “an illegal sexual relationship” was his revenge.


Anonymous said...

Cluster bombs.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Yeah, she got off easy, a pretty light sentence in a culture where both men and women get the death penalty for adultery.

I could not find any credible news sources that suggested that she was flogged for a mere accusation of adultery...thus she was convicted in a sharia court.

Where is the liberal 'tolerance' for this feature of Islamic culture?