Sunday, August 08, 2010

Agnostic on the Girlfriend Gap

Via Ferdinand (NSFW), a study by Agnostic on the nexus between real estate prices, political leanings, and the difficulty finding a girlfriend:

The Spearman rank correlation between the percent of young guys who've never had a girlfriend and median home value (for owner-occupied units in 2004) is +0.73, very high for the social sciences:


The housing data are from the recent housing bubble, but most of the increase in never having had a girlfriend occurs in the lower part of the home price spectrum. By the time you look at super-expensive states, diminishing marginal returns have set in: the guys there are basically as likely to never have had a girlfriend than those just below them in home prices.

Read the whole thing.

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samsonsjawbone said...

On Agnostic's thread, Kurt9 leaves this insight:

There are two lessons to take away from this picture. On an individual level, if you care about whatever boys you may have, for god's sake raise them in a cheap-land state so that they'll have a much smaller chance of going through their teens and 20s without ever having a girlfriend. Talk about perpetual juvenile status...

This is the kind of strategic thinking that prospective parents almost never, ever, ever do. No one ever thinks about the future they are creating for their kids. Even the high IQ Chinese have more male than female kids, not thinking that "Gee, maybe our son has a hard time finding a girl-friend or a wife" if everyone prefers sons to daughters.

Worth reproducing because it's right-on.