Friday, August 06, 2010

“House Conservatives”: Livin’ Large on the Liberal Plantation

I received an email from a congressional candidate eagerly trumpeting his endorsement by an outfit called the House Conservatives Fund, an organization “committed to conservative principles and building a majority of conservative members in the House of Representatives.”

The first red flag was found in its list of donors.  I have my doubts that the telecom, banking, and pharmaceutical behemoths sending money to these guys are supporting conservatism in the abstract.  But why are they taking contributions from congressional campaigns?  Shouldn’t they be contributing to the campaigns of the candidates they endorse?  Or is the HCF actually selling endorsements?

The second red flag was found on the HCF issues page:

America is a nation of immigrants, and House Conservatives do not feel we should shut out those individuals legally seeking a better life for themselves and their families. However, maintaining border control is critical to our national stability and security. House Conservatives will continue address the pressing problem of illegal immigration and examine what can be done to curb the harmful effects upon our nation.

Sweet Mary and Joseph!  I’ve been following Republican Party Pusillanimity for a good while, but this has got to be the worst statement on immigration from any candidate, Democrat or Republican, that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  It is, in fact, so metaphysically, bone-bendingly stupid that I can only hope that the HCF doesn’t understand the plain meaning of the words coming out of its own website.

Where do I start?  There are 6.3 billion people in the world.  Five billion of them are poorer than Mexicans.  Would the HCF really admit all 5 billion of “those individuals legally seeking a better life for themselves and their families”?

Oh, but they’re in favor of border security.  So do they support a fence?  Attrition through enforcement?  E-verify?


They want to curb the harmful effects of illegal immigration, not, you know, actually stop illegal immigration.

Sorry, but this brand of conservatism is designed to not upset the liberal status-quo.

My recommendation is to take a critical look at the candidates the HCF has endorsed and carefully parse those candidates’ statements on immigration.


Justin said...

Politicians think we are stupid.

Φ said...

Justin: The depressing thing is that politicians are usually right. Read that candidate announcement and ask yourself how many people took it at face value instead of doing some fact checking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we often moan about how the "liberal elites" think the rest of us are a bunch of rubes who don't know what's good for us, so they'll give us what they know we need even if we don't want it. One problem is that they're actually half-right: most people are too stupid to know what's good for them. (It just isn't leftism.)