Monday, August 30, 2010

How can you tell that your nation has been conquered?

Today’s Lone Nut:


Tragically, this is barely a joke.

I went through customs at Dulles on the way back from Iceland.  The travelers were divided into a “citizen” line and a “non-citizen” line.  As you would expect, there were many times more people in the citizen line, yet both lines had the same number of screeners:  three.  This is out of about a dozen kiosks each that could have made the wait less than 90 minutes had they actually been staffed instead of sitting empty.

But get this:  the non-citizen screeners actually worked faster than the citizen screeners!  So naturally, the non-citizens were all finished while we, the citizens of our fair republic, were still standing in line.

Lone Nut’s characterization of the screeners isn’t far off either.  I can’t recall seeing any ragheads, but neither do I recall seeing any white men either.

The indignities of occupation multiply.

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Anonymous said...

The ragheads are all running detroit airport security.