Friday, September 24, 2010

Belle on Badboys

From the SecondCityNetwork:


Justin said...

Awesome. Funny to me personally because I got shredded on various feminist forums for my analysis of Belle vs Ariel.

As I put it "Beauty and the Beast is not just a girl movie, not just a Princess Movie, it is the living breathing archetype of The Female Fantasy."

My point was that B&tB was bad for little boys. I am heartened to see that some people also view it as bad for little girls.

Sheila Tone said...

OK, you beta whiners, back to reality. Have you ever seen the movie, Phi?

Wasn't her fiance, Gaston, an arrogant macho asshole? "And every last inch of me's covered with HAAAAAIR!" Yet he's portrayed here as the nice guy who got the shaft, and you swallow it.

I remember Beast being grouchy but mannerly and still clearly superior.

Sheila Tone said...

"No one hits like Gaston/No one spits like Gaston/No one's neck's as incredible thick as Gaston's ..."

And he's supposed to be the poster boy for jilted betas?

Anonymous said...

At least Gaston was her species.