Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Join the Virtual Border Patrol

Have some free time on your hands now that illegal aliens have taken your job? New to the sidebar is BlueServo (H.T.: Inductivist):

[A] public-private partnership with the Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition (TBSC) to deploy the Virtual Community Watch, an innovative real-time surveillance program designed to empower the public to proactively participate in fighting border crime.

The TBSC BlueServoSM Virtual Community WatchSM is a FREE service consisting of a network of cameras and sensors along the Texas-Mexico border. This network feeds live streaming video FREE-OF-CHARGE to the user's computer, which they can access by creating a FREE account at Users will log in to the BlueServoSM website and directly monitor suspicious criminal activity along the border via this virtual fenceSM.

Citizens can sign up as Virtual Texas DeputiesSM to participate in border surveillance through this social network. Virtual Texas DeputiesSM from around the country will monitor the streaming video from these cameras 24/7 and report any suspicious activities directly to the Border Sheriffs via email. All emails regarding suspicious activity will be submitted anonymously.

Another facet of this program is the ability of the public to connect their own cameras to to create local Virtual Neighborhood WatchesSM in order to protect their own homes, neighborhoods, and families from criminal acts. These Virtual Neighborhood WatchesSM can, in turn, be connected to form additional Virtual Community WatchesSM.

The anonymous part worries me. I've been thinking for a while about the possibilities of using volunteers to monitor border camera feeds, but I fear there are enough people eager to betry our country and flood us with immigrants that they could easily overwhelm the reporting system with bogus reports, ultimately destroying its credibility. Better they should tie reporting to specific users; those that file too many unsubstantiated reports would have have their access revoked.


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Anonymous said...

Automated radar-guided miniguns. the only humans needed are those that clean and oil the guns and restock ammo. I suspect after the first week, ammo consumption will drop to near zero.