Friday, September 10, 2010

Steve Southerland: Apostle of Insolvency

The gift that keeps on giving:

Panama City, FL - Steve Southerland responded to the negative and false attacks that continue to be released by the Allen Boyd campaign with this statement:

"I want to set the record straight and make very clear my position regarding social security and Medicare. While I believe there are some serious financial issues on the horizon that we must deal with in regards to social security and Medicare - I firmly believe that benefits should be protected, the retirement age should not be raised, and taxes should not be increased as any of these would alter the terms of the agreement between our nation and our seniors - the greatest generation this nation has ever seen," said Southerland.

Lemme get this straight:

  • Our old-age entitlements have “serious financial issues”; yet
  • We mustn’t reduce benefits; and
  • We mustn’t increase revenue.

Sweet.  Baby.  Jeebus.

I really need to get back on Allen Boyd’s mailing list.  I’m sure he’s peddling his own high-test hooey, I just don’t know what flavor it is.

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