Monday, October 25, 2010

"All your economy are belong to us . . ."

I happened to catch this on Fox News the other day. Pretty scary.

The video made me remember this song:

Saint Peter, don't ya call me 'cause I can't leave;
I owe my soul to the Red Chinese.

Alas, the song is out of date. Barack Obama has run up three trillion dollars of debt in the last 21 months.


Anonymous said...

I was with them until the hokey laugh line. China doesn't even have the per capita GDP of El Salvador. Yes, the national debt is disturbing - and more disturbing is the fact that there is no politically plausible way of ever getting to the point of paying it off. But that's our problem; it doesn't mean that China's going to somehow eat our lunch, let alone doing it because they own bad debt.

(P.S. Until quite recently, Japan owned the bulk of US debt, and yet it was not made a bogeyman.)

Anonymous said...

Slick production values though. I'd like one of those futuristic-styled Mao suits.