Monday, October 04, 2010

No Pressure

Making the rounds is an environmentalist propaganda video demonstrating the extent to which environmentalists are now resorting to outright threats of violence against people who have competing priorities.  (The environmentalists now realize the public relations disaster they have created for themselves and are now trying to squelch the video on YouTube, which is why I can’t embed it.)

I don’t remember the connection, but the PajamasMedia post linking this video also, for reasons I cannot fathom, linked to what I consider simply an awful article in a 1941 edition of Harpers:  “Who Goes Nazi?”  Now, keep in mind, this was before we had declared war or the future extent of the holocaust could have been known.  Yet Dorothy Thompson feels free to speculate about what kind of people, classes, professions, and personality types would by Nazis or Nazi sympathizers.  (Hint:  it’s people she already doesn’t like.)

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