Friday, October 15, 2010

RedLetterMedia's Prequel Review

I've known for a while about RedLetterMedia’s extended takedown of the Star Wars prequels, although I only just this weekend got around to watching them.  They are, first, laugh-out-loud funny, and second, very insightful about the elements of good storytelling, how the original trilogy excelled at them, and how the prequels fail.

The review of The Phantom Menace comes in seven parts, and the review of Attack of the Clones comes in nine parts.  To get you started (content warning: bad language):

My apologies to whoever linked to this originally.  RedLetterMedia has also reviewed most of the Star Trek movies and Avatar


samsonsjawbone said...

Hahaha... watch the tingle on her face as she lusts after Han Solo, and then see her erect the bitch shield when describing Qui Gonn.

eumaios said...

"What's wrong with your face?"

I have trouble not saying that out loud sometimes.

Justin said...

I was inspired to watch all of them. Very good stuff. Well, except for the serial killer stuff. That was a bit dark. Why does everyone feel the need to inject sickness into everything?