Saturday, June 04, 2011

Φ’s Last Post?

Here is the picture of the inside of the aircraft flying into SW Asia:


Here is the picture flying out:


This could mean several things.  None of them are good.

Here is a picture of a C-17 cockpit right before leaving Bagram Airfield:


I had planned to surprise my children at home, who had not been told of the exact day of my arrival.  But it turns out that the TSA allows families of redeploying servicemen to greet them at the gate.  So I was the one surprised.

Laura_Camera 033

Thus concludes the first half of my life.  And unless I land a Civil Service job (H.T.:  Prof Hale), I can’t warrant how much free time I’ll have for blogging.  But right now, I’m up to my eyeballs in a combination of out-processing, job hunting, dissertation writing (still, dammit!) and all the home repairs that slipped while I was away.

Ditto for blog reading.  I treasure all of your writing, but as my Google Reader now has 500+ unread items in it, I think it’s time to adjust my expectations.

Meanwhile, I’d like to extend an offer to any of my regular commenters who aren’t presently writing anywhere else to become co-proprietors here at Delenda est Carthago.  I can’t offer any money, but I can offer a built-in readership of north of 100 daily.  Samson is the obvious candidate who comes to mind, but I will consider all offers.