Friday, June 15, 2018

Now on Netflix: "Eye-baby Redux"

The article about Pensacola Christian College, "A College That's Strictly Different", is now behind The Chronicle of Higher Education's paywall, but we can still find excerpts:

Even couples who are not talking or touching can be reprimanded. Sabrina Poirier, a student at Pensacola who withdrew in 1997, was disciplined for what is known on the campus as "optical intercourse" — staring too intently into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex. This is also referred to as "making eye babies." While the rule does not appear in written form, most students interviewed for this article were familiar with the concept.

But that was back in the heady days of 2006! Oh, how the worm hath turned:

Netflix film crews 'banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds' in #metoo crackdown

In reference to PCC's antagonists, I wrote back in 2011:

[They] are not motivated by a concern for due process, for which they evince no particular attachment. It is the rules themselves that they object to . . .

That now looks a trifle naive. I don't think they care for either due process or the specific content of the rules nearly as much as who is making them and by what authority. If that authority is Christianity, then the rules are ipso facto odious. But if the authority is feminism, then they must be met with approbation, and of course blind obedience.

Parenthetically, I discovered that the government's web filter has categorized Academy Watch as "hate-and-racism", which makes properly citing my own work a little difficult. Post subject to revision . . .