Wednesday, February 05, 2020

How Can We Help the Afrikaners?

I finished reading K. M. Breakey's epic novel of South Africa, Never, Never and Never Again -- or rather, almost finished. I quit when I realized something very terrible was in the offing, which, while no doubt true-to-life, isn't something I much have the stomach for in a novel.

But I did resolve to look for ways to support the dispossessed Afrikaners. I kicked into the two charities to which the novel refers: Suidlanders and Afriforum. But these are primarily advocacy organizations. What about charities that are providing direct humanitarian assistance to those South African whites forced into refugee camps?

The only standing organization that I could find with a website providing such assistance is the South African Family Relief Project (SAFRPSA). There is also the Humanities Action Group Limited (mentioned here, but I can't find anything else). Other advocacy organizations are Radio Free South Africa and The Covener's League.

Bottom line is that I would like to help legitimate organizations doing good work but rather not get fleeced.