Saturday, January 16, 2010

Link Love for Ferdinand

Ferdinand has the right nuance on Roissy:

As for my opinion of Roissy, I view him as an absolutely brilliant thinker and writer, one of the best alive today. I also view him as a broken human being. I’d gladly buy him a beer, but I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my little sister.

Read the whole thing.

Ferdinand also inspires a new policy:

Roissy was an idiot for letting Lady Raine run wild on his blog.

Well said.  While I continue to tolerate – nay, encourage – disagreement and debate, I will no longer indulge trolls who parachute into a comment thread for the purpose of hurling random insults.


Sheila Tone said...

Roissy41 used to do it to me all the time on other blogs, Phi.

Are you really insulted at being called pedantic and superior?

Justin said...

I have noticed how common personal attacks are by the mensphere bloggers, for example, at Spearhead.

F.B. saying he will ban insulting commenters is rather comical, since that is a main part of his own schtick.

I've had the policy forever, by the way. Someone who isn't contributing to the conversation meaningfully, why have them take up space in your own blog?