Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurant Review: TGI Friday’s

Mrs. Φ and I ate at TGI Friday’s one evening a while back.  We were returning from the hospital where Mrs. Φ had been admitted with potential complications from a surgery she had had a few days prior.  It turned out not to be too big of a problem, and she was feeling well enough to stop at a restaurant on the way home while Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls.  We are normally Chili’s people when we’re out as a family, but that night we decided to try something different.

Φ [as we took our seats]:  “You know something?  Take a look around the restaurant.  There are an inordinate number of groups of what appear to be unaccompanied young women.  They far outnumber the guys in the place.”

Mrs. Φ:  “Ladies night out, perhaps?”

Φ:  “Not that I would ever, you know, notice anything like that.”

Mrs. Φ:  “Ha!  You sound like a guy that hasn’t been laid in a while.”

Φ:  “Good point.  Tonight’s the night!”

Mrs. Φ:  “Mmmm . . . not yet, I’m afraid.”

Φ:  “I wasn’t asking you.”

Mrs. Φ:  …

Mrs. Φ:  “You are so going to get smacked!”

Φ:  “We can work that in.”

The Cajun Shrimp and Chicken was the best meal I had had in a restaurant in a good while.  Definitely add TGIF to your rotation.


Anonymous said...

Was there a major sporting event going on at the time? If so, that might account for the "ladies' night out" factor.


Elusive Wapiti said...

That was an awesome application of game.

Although I didn't dig the threat of DV at the end...

Dr. Φ said...

Peter: Not according to Wikipedia.

Wapiti: I've discovered that the best way of deflating DV threats is to subtly reframe them as SM, as in the present example.