Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Signs your Game is Working

Mrs. Φ [6 a.m.]: “I had a dream last night.”

Φ: “Mmmfff”

Mrs. Φ: “I dreamt you had an affair and the girl got pregnant.”

Φ: “Oh? How did that work out?”

Mrs. Φ: “We adopted the baby.”

Φ: “Wow! That’s . . . the nicest thing a girl ever said to me.”


Φ: “So . . . did your dream put you in The Mood?”

Mrs. Φ: “Oh, no! That was just a coincidence.”


Anonymous said...

One of the best - and most surprising - truths to learn about game is that so much of what goes on in a woman's mind is stuff that she is not consciously aware of. They really, truly are unable to mentally make connections that we find obvious. More and more, I attribute this to the concept of neoteny (outlined here) and the way it shapes the female mind.

Oh, yes, and: one of the other best things about game is that it works.


Anonymous said...

Oops - outlined here.