Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Netflix for the iPhone!

I'm three weeks late learning about this, but I found out today that Netflix Instant Play is now available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This is the Killer App.

Hopefully, Netflix for the Palm Pre won't be far behind.


Anonymous said...

Seems likea lot of data. Don't you pay by the MB for that stuff on Iphones?

Φ said...

I don't have an iPhone, so I'm not sure what AT&T's pricing is. I do have a Touch, so I would be able to use the app over WiFi for free (unless I'm paying for the WiFi). I also have a Palm Pre (although it's currently deactivated), for which Verizon allows unlimited data through the device. (It limits the data to 5GB/month when the Pre is used as a hotspot.)

But I wonder how much data a feature film requires for a 320x240 screen.

Anonymous said...

If you got in before they started tiering, AT&T offers unlimited data with the iPhone. Even with tiered pricing, though, you get 2GB of bandwidth, which is an incredible amount. Most people wouldn't want to watch that much on their phone, I would wager. I watch all kinds of video on my phone, but I'm pretty sure I am an outlier.