Monday, October 11, 2010

The Dismissal of Enoch Powell

Occidental Observer links to a surprisingly even-handed BBC account of the late British MP Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" (sic) speech. Below is part 1:

The depressing thing about this story is how easy it was for Britain's ruling class to completely subvert the mass public support for Powell in the wake of this speech. I'd like to think that we here in America may yet fare better: our political system is more open, and the media are now more decentralized. But at best it will be a close run thing.


Justin said...

Racists are concerned with real people. Anti-racists are concerned with abstractions.

njartist said...

One of the questions to be considered when pondering the ethnic cleansing by immigration being carried out by the globalist elite is: which of the global organizations will win out: the desired globalist order sought by the western elites or the Umma sought by the Muslim immigrants?

Φ said...

NJ: sadly, I suspect the two are not as different from each other as we might hope.

The globalist elite (GE) isn't much on freedom speech, press, and assembly. Neither is the Umma.

GE females like plural relationships with alphas. The Umma likes polygamy. To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to.

The GE is pro-buggery. The Umma gives this a wink and a nudge.

GE societies will be composed of the tiny GE and a vast impoverished and disenfranchised multitude. Just like Saudi Arabia.

The Umma is against gay marriage. The GE's apparent support for this tactical; it's mainly a way for them to marginalize Christianity. On this, the Umma is in full agreement.