Friday, October 08, 2010

The Vast Media Conspiracy

Megan asks a really dumb question:

What I'd like to know is, why can't this vast media conspiracy I keep hearing about get it together on Phelps and his rotten little band of merry madmen?  Their shameful protests at funerals are condemned by, to a first approximation, every single other person in the United States of America.  So why do they keep doing it?  Presumably because it gets them on the teevee.

So why won't the Liberal MediaTM take away their fun?  Refuse to broadcast any footage that contains their message; refuse to write about them.  If we must put them on television or in the newspaper, confine the coverage strictly to the kind of embarrassing stuff you see about stars--who at Westboro Baptist has the worst cellulite?  Who's got acne and bad teeth?

A reader schools her three comments in:

The media conspiracy is to paint all churches and non-leftists as Phelpsian.

Exactly.  The media believes Phelps somehow is an embarrassment to conservative religious people, so they elevate him to national stardom.

Meanwhile, how many of you knew that ACORN was back on the federal gravy train?


Justin said...

Spot on! Great analysis. When media stooges aren't available, false flag operations will commence. Among us conspiracy theorists, it is sometimes difficult to detect the difference between the two...

Anonymous said...

It has the added advantage of tying together anti-gay with anti-American.

An associated thought: I'm pretty sure the guy who ran a comic book store I used to go to a decade or so ago attended Phelps's church. That was a weird discovery.

Default User said...

That commenter was correct.

Phelps has more connection with the Democratic party and the left than any Christian or right-of-center organization.

Elusive Wapiti said...

That commenter was right on...and it is sad that McArdle is so dim that she cannot see it.

And no, I had no idea that ACORN has re-joined a whole host of leftist causes on the federal teat.

Φ said...

I was first alerted to the expiration of the ACORN funding ban at the end of last fiscal year in a "Day-by-Day" cartoon. Here is a more authoritative account, although I don't see any reporting as to whether ACORN was banned under out continuing resolution or whether the renamed affiliates are covered.

But I'm intrigued by the possibility that Phelps/Westboro has leftist ties and/or is a false flag. Citations please!