Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On John Edwards

I can't really get very interested in the John Edwards scandal, seeing that he already appeared politically washed up and kept himself in the game only by his willingness to spend a lot of his own money playing at politics.

But I will say this: I totally get it. I spoke with my father over the weekend, who asked rhetorically, "What was he thinking?" Answer: he wasn't, nor should we be surprised. Human reason is a slender thread by which to hang our resistance to sexual temptation. If I were brutally honest, I would acknowledge that my own fidelity relies less on my reason and more on the fact that I don't live the kind of life that puts me within a hundred miles of even being asked the question.

Note to handlers: keep a close eye on the talent. Modern political campaigns generate celebrity status, and you don't want your guy, um, enjoying that status in the wrong ways.

But the real story here is the extent to which the MSM, who knew the story, covered for a Democrat candidate while simultaneously publishing nonsense about McCain and Vicki Iseman.

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