Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Values

Spungen attends her Catholic all-girls high school reunion, and discovers a sizeable proportion of attractive, slender, women who seem stuck in spinsterhood:

I think the problem is that they retained religious values, without being actually religious. This makes it difficult to navigate the unreligious, educated mainstream . . . . Perhaps adjustment takes a certain... moral flexibility.

Translation: it's tough attracting men if you don't put out.

How sad. This puts me in mind of the discussion between Trumwill and me a while back, during which Trumwill essentially took this same view.

I'm struck by the extent to which the sexual zeitgeist has served the interest of Spungen at the expense of her classmates. Objectively, Spungen's life has worked out quite well for her, and she otherwise has no regrets. (Alternatively, she remains heavily invested in her own "moral flexibility".) By her own telling, however, this regime has come at a cost to other women: either they feel compelled into more sexual activity than they would otherwise choose, or they find themselves in an uphill struggle in the dating marketplace.

Were this still an active question, I would insist that Christian morality is under no obligation to grovel before sexual libertinism. Sadly, that argument is already lost in the "mainstream" culture.


trumwill said...

There are winners and losers under both the old and new sexual regimes. I think that it's pretty natural to place more emphasis on how well people that share your morals do when appraising the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In any case, what struck me about what Spungen said about her former classmates is not so much that these girls are being punished for their sexual conservatism, but that they have their feet in both ponds. If they were sexually and religiously conservative, they wouldn't have the problems that they're (apparently) having.

Maybe that aspect jumps out at me because I can relate to it. My wife and I have similar views and values that place us at odds with the people that we most naturally fit in with. It's not that our views are bad or that our taste in friends is bad... it just makes for a problematic combination.

It's easier when you can kind of just pick a side.

Φ said...

It's easier when you can kind of just pick a side.

Well said!

Spungen said...

Hey, but a lot of the guys I hooked up with were dorks and dweebs. Isn't that one of the main purposes in this blog corner, to get more action for betas? I would think you'd be praising my choices over those of my high-standard classmates.

Φ said...

Spungen: truly, you have a heart of gold. But surely you know me well enough to know that by "courtship" I do not mean "hooking up."