Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where do you sign up for a stalker?

Meet D and J, married eleven years now. J is pretty, vivacious, and just a little ditsy. D is an engineer, quiet, and just a little pear-shaped. They're perfect together.

In Sunday school this week, apropos of our effort to put on a Christmas concert, it came out that D and J were in the same high school band.

"You were in high school together? How cute!" chirped Φ.

"Not at the time," replied J. "He didn't pay any attention to me while we were in high school, so I just followed him around. I only took band because he was in it, and I couldn't get in to any of the smart classes."

"She stalked me," said D, smiling.

"Ha ha, yeah, well, who's laughing now?" replied J, also smiling.

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