Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dissident Perspective on the Huntingdon Valley Club

Blogger "Kate-A" (who appears from her photo to be a mulatto, if it matters) writes:

I don't believe that [John] Duesler, club president and Obama fundraiser, is a bigot or racist - he's your typical white liberal who sincerely believes blacks are equal to whites, but his exposure has been predominantly to educated blacks, those in the same income bracket as himself. Like most white people in leafy hillside villages, he doesn't hang around with folks from the 'hood.

While Duesler has put foot in his mouth trying to explain the club's reason for cancelling the kids, with the din and roar of 65 kids freed from an inner city basement still ringing in his ears - it was nothing more than culture shock. Duesler and his fellow ghetto-shocked villagers are pathetically struggling to be politically correct. I've seen it happen to liberal white folks before ... when thrown into certain integrated settings, many of the racial stereotypes they refused to believe, are suddenly right there slapping them in the face. It's one thing for white leafy villagers to see inner city kids actin' a fool on TV or in a movie - quite another when up close and personal.

. . . .

The problem is not whether the kids are black or poor - but you have to admit they always seem to be black and poor, the problem is not racism - the problem is the kids have no social etiquette, no sense of personal space, no respect. And as adults, most will be like the adults around them now - crying racism when their behavior doesn't serve them well.

UPDATE: I couldn't confirm whether or not John Duesler is an Obama fundraiser, but according to OpenSecrets.org, Huntingdon Valley residents in zip code 19006 collectively donated $46,687.00 to the Obama campaign and only $34,875.00 to the McCain campaign. (Hillary Clinton also pulled in $24,050; none of the other candidates broke into five figures.)

As Steve Sailer might ask, how's this working out for them?

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