Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is Your Blog Male or Female?

Via Elusive Wapati, I discovered uClassify, which purports to classify either specific text or a webite as either male or female in percentage terms.

Delenda Est Carthago turns out to be 99.2% male. I then tested most of the blogs on the blogroll. While their proprietors are free to report their own scores, I will brag (if such is appropriate) that the "maleness" herein exceeds them all. Even the MRA sites.

Could I put this in a personal?


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I got only 56% male.

- Thursday

Elusive Wapiti said...

You got me beat:

1. male (93.8 %)
2. female (6.2 %)

Perhaps I need some pictures of girls on trampolines?

Φ said...

Thursday: Don't worry. You've been quoting some female blogs, and the classifier probably can't separate your writing from theirs.

Wapiti: you'd be surprised. Roissy strikes me as a girls-on-trampolines kind of site, and he only scored 45.7% male! I shudder to think of the implications of that for civilization . . . .