Sunday, August 02, 2009

More News from the "Religion of Peace"

From the AP:

Hundreds of rioting Muslims attacked Christians in eastern Pakistan on Saturday, burning and looting their homes in a rampage that killed six Christians, including a child, and wounded 10 others in the latest violence against minorities in the conservative Muslim country.

The unrest started late Thursday, when members of a banned extremist Muslim organization began torching Christian homes in a village in the Punjabi city of Gojra after allegations that a Koran had been defaced, Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti said.

Violence flared again Saturday, when shots were fired on a peaceful Muslim rally passing by a Christian neighborhood, said local minister Dost Mohammad Khosa. It was not clear who fired the shots, he added.

Television footage showed baton-wielding crowds running through the streets, blocking traffic and a railway line. Ransacked furniture lay outside blackened and burning homes, while a group of people rushed a man with burn injuries on a wooden hand-pulled cart through the streets.

Gunfire could also be heard.

Authorities said the six people killed included a child and four women. Mr. Bhatti said about 40 Christian homes had been burned since Thursday.

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