Saturday, August 01, 2009

Things That Don't Change

Half Sigma quotes an article from the Vancouver Sun:

Purging humankind of its supposed sins of environmental degradation has become a religion with a fanatical and often intolerant priesthood, especially among the First World urban elites.

But [Ian Pilmer, professor of mining geology at Adelaide University in Australia] shows no sign of giving way to this orthodoxy and has just published the latest of his six books and 60 academic papers on the subject of global warming.

. . .

Plimer presents the proposition that anthropogenic global warming is little more than a con trick on the public perpetrated by fundamentalist environmentalists and callously adopted by politicians and government officials who love nothing more than an issue that causes public anxiety.

Half Sigma, himself a global warming skeptic, points approvingly to this passage:

Plimer, by the way, is also a vehement anti-creationist and has been hauled into court for disrupting meetings by religious leaders and evangelists who claim the Bible is literal truth.

Back when the old Bobvis blog was still going, a frequent (and frequently obstreperous) commenter asserted that global warming denialism was a tool of the Religious Right. Not so, as I exhaustively documented at the time. But I called attention to the equally absurd link, asserted by the late Michael Crichton (and evidently by Ian Plimer and Half Sigma), between global warming alarmism and Christianity.

So here is the situation as I understand it: if you believe that global warming is going to destroy the planet, then the failure to stop it is the Christians' fault. If you believe that regulating carbon emissions in the name of global warming is going to destroy the economy, then this policy is also the Christians' fault.

Like I said over at Bobvis, no matter what happens, Christians are going to get blamed for it.

Some things never change.

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Justin said...

Why not? They get blamed for everything else?

Good stuff, I've added a link to you, btw.