Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Something to Brighten Your Day

HT: Tanstaafl.


Hermes said...

Just as long as none of those babies are Jewish, right?

Φ said...

Oh, come-on, even Tanstaafl wouldn't look at that video and worry about whether the babies are Jewish.

Hermes said...

Even a guy whose every blog post is about the Jews--or, should I say, the "jews"--wouldn't worry about whether they're Jewish? As far as I can tell, ALL he does is look for a Jew under every rock.

I don't really know your background, but I'm surprised you have enough of a soft spot for antisemitism to link to him. Then again, maybe you're surprised that I don't.

BTW, I first saw this video about 2 years ago, so it's definitely not necessary to be pointed to it by a deranged lunatic in order to come across it.

Φ said...

My link to Age of Treason appears on the list of "Folks who Link to Delenda". There is no other criteria for membership on that blogroll.

I had not seen the laughing babies video until it appeared on Tanstaafl's site. The hat tip was the expected courtesy under those circumstances.