Monday, December 20, 2010

So when do they respect my religion?

The ISAF mission takes place in a country with different culture and standards of living.  ISAF is here to assist the Afghan people with rebuilding their country by contributing to the maintenance of a safe and secure environment.  IJC personnel will adhere to a high standard of personal discipline.  All personnel are representing both NATO and their nation on this important mission.

IJC personnel are to execute their duties under the direction and guidance of their international supervisors, and are  expected to conduct themselves in a fully professional and military manner.

Proselytizing of any religion, faith, or practice is prohibited, although this provision does not restrict personal religious observance or discussions (between KAIA personnel) on matters of religion or faith.  However, IJC personnel should remain sensitive to the Islamic traditions of the local Afghan people, and it is recommended that you avoid discussing religion when conversing with locals.

All military personnel at IJC will wear appropriate military uniform in accordance with national regulations and dress codes ordered by COM KAIA or COM ISAF.  When running, it is important to respect the cultural sensitivities of the country, and a shirt is always required when running on the compound.

Female members of IJC should be particularly conscious of local customs in terms of attire.  Civilian females should wear clothing of sufficient modesty so as to avoid attracting attention from the general public.

Serving alcoholic drinks in meetings with the local nationals is not respectful to their culture, and is thus not permitted.

There has been an increase in alcohol and pornographic material being mailed to deployed forces in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility.  This violates U.S. CENTCOME General Order Number 1A and the U.S. Postal Service Policy pertaining to non-mailable items for the Middle East geographical area.  Sending alcohol, pornographic materials or other prohibited items through the military postal system is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 92.  As a result of these violations, customs officials now open all parcels for inspection, causing a slowdown in the processing time and the forward movement of the mail.

Religious Services are available, depending on the rotation of chaplain personnel here at IJC.  Please check with the IJC Command Chaplain upon your arrival for more detailed information on religious services.

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