Friday, December 10, 2010

Why My Family Didn’t Take Me to the Airport



SUBJECT:  Transporting of Weapons to/from Deployment

Transportation of weapon(s) to and from the airport is only authorized in a Government Owned Vehicle (GOV).  Although AFI 31-101 allows transport of weapons in a private owned vehicle (POV), the REMF commander has opted to continue the previous policy of using a GOV to transport weapons.  Under no circumstances are you permitted to transport your government issued weapon in a POV or take the weapon home with you.  Also, under no circumstances are military dependents allowed to ride in a GOV carrying weapons.


Default User said...

Are you now in "foreign lands" as per an earlier post?

Because of regulations, your family could not drive with you (at least in the same vehicle)? That sucks (as they say).

Anyway, I hope things go well and you are able to continue posting.

Anonymous said...

It took me until this post to realize that you work for/with the Air Force.

Dr. Φ said...

For the record, and in case this blog ever gets burned, I never said I worked for the Air Force.