Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tourist Game

From The Tourist:

Mysterious Woman on the Train [Jolie]:  Ask me to dinner?

Tourist [Depp]:  Will you have dinner with me?

MWotT:  Women hate questions.

Tourist:  Have dinner with me.

MWotT:  Too demanding.

Tourist:  Have dinner with me?

MWotT:  No, that’s another question.

Tourist:  [Thinks for a moment.]  I’m going to dinner, if you’d care to join me.

MWotT:  [Smiles.]


Justin said...

wait what? when a chick has to teach you game, doesn't that invalidate the whole thing?

Obviously a male script writer. What chick would teach you to game herself, in real time? Bah

I just saw a preview for Gullivers Travels, which also had a little game minilesson. Did you catch it? Teaching another male to ask a girl out: "Hey, I have a lot going on in my life, and I'd like you to be part of it..."

Dr. Φ said...

I remember reading a comment somewhere, probably at The Spearhead, by somebody testifying that he had, in fact, seen a woman coach a sufficiently attractive man through her own sh!t tests in much this way.

In this case, Jolie's seduction of Depp was mostly instrumental, which raises an ancillary question: at what point does a man in these circumstances have the wit to say to himself, "Wait a minute. My luck is never this good. What's going on here, really."

In my case, the answer is, "not soon enough", regrettably.

Justin said...

It occurs to me this is really an example of chick Game: getting the man she is attracted to, to ask her out, thinking that is was his idea and initiative that sealed the deal. i.e. making the hunted male feel like he is the hunter.

I have had similar reactions to yours. Especially when you are in a situation of authority and power, like teacher or boss, you become a regular object of female manipulation.

Contrary to sales pitches claiming otherwise, Game does not work on the Intelligent. In fact, it is counter productive. So few girls are intelligent, the sales pitch works, I guess.