Sunday, March 27, 2011

It’s not like we have any problems . . .

1st Annual [Steve] Southerland for Congress Golf Invitational

Please join us Friday April, 29, 2011

9am Shot Gun Start

120 Coyote Pass

Panama City Beach, Fl 32407

$125 per person ----- $500 Per Team-------$1,000 per PAC


$5,000 Hole Sponsor = 4 Golfers, Autographed Picture with Congressman Southerland and your team

sit at head table during awards event.


Also looking for sponsors for Food, Prizes, & Raffles

Please Email me and let me know if you are interested in being part of this event

Honestly, I wasn’t much bothered by all the stories about how Obama golfed his way through, say, the Libyan crisis, seeing as how I wouldn’t approve of anything he could do that he was likely to do.*  But . . . considering all the things that his district elected him to do, like cut spending and immigration, or even answer his constituents’ mail, I think throwing a fundraiser 19 months before his next election and before any of these tasks are completed is kinda tawdry.

Say what you want about Allen Boyd, but at least he returned emails.

* UPDATE: Obviously, this post was written before Obama confirmed my expectation that I wouldn't like how he handled it. OTOH, this update is being written before we have concluded our involvement.

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Elusive Wapiti said...

Yikes. How is this not "pay to play"?

Also, "first annual"? Isn't that a bit presumptuous?