Thursday, March 31, 2011

Link Love Miscellany

It’s time to clear out some of the “Starred items” from Google Reader:

For those of you who missed it, VoxDay has started a new blog, Alpha Game, a family-safe (relatively speaking) alternative to the more soft-porn oriented Roissy or the often-embittered Spearhead.  I want to call special attention to a post by Susan Walsh, “Why We Shit Test”, a bit of wisdom I wish had been imparted to me 30 years ago.

Not to knock The Spearhead, a guest post tells how Dilbert creator Scott Adams narrowly avoided getting Watsoned.  Also, AfOR explains why technological invasions of privacy might work to your advantage.

The Social Pathologist rounds up some academic papers regarding female sexuality.

Whiskey draws on a Financial Times article to explain how female economic advancement hurts female happiness.  Whiskey also gives the immigration backstory behind the events in Wisconsin.

Chris Petersen (H.T.: Ferdinand Keoni Galt) explains how Wall Street Goldman Sachs manipulates commodities markets to its own profit and the world’s misery.

Robin Hanson asks why we laugh at Nerds:

Nerds essentially have “Autism light,” i.e., high intelligence and low social skills. … Nerds cooperate pretty effectively all the time on large software and other engineering projects. … [But are] worse at judging which coalition to join when, which associates may betray them or have done so, when and how to betray associates, what lies to tell, what threats will be credible and appropriate, and so on. … [Nerds are] preyed upon by those with better social skills.

Homo hypocritus pretends to mainly value overtly useful skills, while really greatly valuing covert conniving skills. Nerds tend to be much better at the former than the later, and are often unaware that the later skills exist.

Like, for instance, nerds are prone to take at face value female assertions that they only want “nice guys” since we can’t think of a reason why someone would lie about something like that.

Also from Hanson, an insight into why SWPL types romanticize third-world cultures, and even American NAMs, but hate and fear rural whites:

A colleague’s wife confessed to me that she was so horrified and repulsed by the world depicted [in the movie Winter’s Bone] as to make her reluctant to venture out of the city. While most folks in our society pride themselves on their respect for other cultures and ethnicities, such folk have little reason to fear being mistaken for someone from most such cultures. Their respect extends the least to “white trash,” who they have the most reason to fear being confused with.

Finally, Hanson and Katja debate swimsuits.

Elusive Wapiti, among many others, takes down Kay Hymowitz.

Vanishing American writes about astroturfing the internet at taxpayer expense.

Looks matter more to young women than any other consideration:  Agnostic has the data.

Mangan gives us another reason to shut down the refugee program:  ethnic cleansing of whites in New Hampshire schools.

Megan, in a lengthy yet gripping post, discusses the liberal lockout of conservatives from academia.  It certainly rings true personally:  my own career took a severe hit when, as a university (and really, who hasn’t figured out what university I mean) instructor, I openly challenged the “diversity” clichés.

That takes me back to mid-February.  More to follow.


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